Transition Healthcare

Visiting Medical Group uses an interdisciplinary Team approach to improving transitions across patient care sites. The goal we have achieved is bridging the gap between Hospital. Skilled Nursing & Rehab Facility. Home Health and the Primary Care Physician. VMG has incorporated best practices from across the nation, including CMS Discharge Plans and the University Of Colorado Health Sciences Center Division of Health Care Policy to name a few.

During the time of transitions, patients are the most vulnerable for setbacks while the family and caregivers are often overwhelmed. Recognizing this. our Transition Team is made up of Physicians. Registered Nurses and Care Transition staff that have over 20 + years’ experience practicing in the mentioned settings. More importantly, all are dedicated to the patient and family to keep the patient in the home setting the desire.

By collaboratively working with local Traditional" Primary Groups, we are able to care for their patients at their residence that qualify for “Home Bound Status". Once the patient is able to meet their goals and safely return to their normal activities, all medical records are transferred electronically back to the original Primary Physician if the patient so chooses.

Transition Team includes:
Nurse Practitioner
Registered nurse
Care Assistant Coach

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